Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I now so confused. My DD and I fixed the problem with the pictures, but then I was having problems with the bold lettering sticking. Fixed that Now I lost my third pic. I give up. You just have one of those days that you want to just stay in bed or stay at your craft table. The whole day and do nothing but make things and not interact with anyone but yourself? It has been one of those days... The Kids... The Husband.... Well tomorrow is another day,maybe it will be better. Hope your Day is alot better than mine. On to the cards ,this last weekend I made some cards for Easter time a bunny,a bird and a sheep.I really like how all of them turned out.I think I'm gonna put a cotton ball on the bunny tail. Just so it looks a little more realistic. Thanks for stopping.Have a great DAY. Meg

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